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The Focus of Busan Expo: Giving Back to Humanity, not Profits

Chairman Chey Tae-won of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently held a press briefing for foreign journalists to discuss the importance of hosting the 2030 Busan World Exposition (Expo). During the discussion, Chairman Chey emphasized that the Expo is not just a traditional technological showcase, but also a solution platform to address international issues. He explained that hosting the Expo is a way for Korea to reciprocate for the aid it received 70 years ago during the Korean War. Rather than simply paying back the aid, Chairman Chey believes that proposing something new that humanity needs and creating solutions is more important. He also introduced WAVE, a solution platform established by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to gather groups together to solve problems.

Chairman Chey shared an anecdote about requesting support for the Busan Expo from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, highlighting his efforts to persuade Chinese-speaking countries. He also mentioned plans to discuss the Expo bid in-depth during his next visit to China. Additionally, Chairman Chey mentioned a gala dinner scheduled for October 9, which will include performances such as K-pop to promote the Busan Expo and persuade as many people as possible to support it. In response to a question about potential conflicts of interest between his roles as Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of SK Group, Chairman Chey stated that he has been fulfilling both roles for three years without any conflicts. However, he emphasized that if conflicts were to arise, he would quit the job where the conflict arises.

In summary, Chairman Chey Tae-won highlighted the significance of hosting the Busan Expo as a way for Korea to reciprocate for the aid it received during the Korean War. He emphasized that the Expo is not just about making money, but about contributing back to mankind and creating solutions to international issues. Chairman Chey introduced WAVE, a solution platform, to justify hosting the Expo and explained plans to discuss the bid further during his visit to China. Despite holding multiple roles, Chairman Chey stated that he does not believe there are conflicts of interest and would step down from any position where conflicts arise.


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