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Your Companion in Korea

Need a strong and reliable partner in Korea? BLUESTONES  BPO will help your business settle in Korea.


Tailor-Made Financial Solutions:

We offer bespoke accounting and bookkeeping services designed to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring optimal financial management.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting:

Receive detailed reports on your company's financial performance, meticulously prepared and customized to meet the requirements of your Head Office and other jurisdictions.


HR & Payroll

Monthly Payroll Management:

Efficiently calculate, disburse, and report monthly payroll, ensuring timely payments and complete transparency.

Employer's Tax Compliance:

Navigate the complexities of tax regulations with our comprehensive employer's tax return compliance services, minimizing liabilities and maximizing efficiency.

VISA Processing for Foreign Employees:

Streamline the VISA application and renewal process for your international workforce, ensuring seamless transitions and legal compliance.

Operation Support

Bank Signatory:

Secure your payment processes with our trusted signatory services.

Cash Fund:

Manage your funds securely, whether with us or in your own accounts.

Account Reconciliation:

Maintain accurate financial records with our reconciliation services.

Operational Services:

  • Vendor Management: Streamline your supply chain.

  • Expense Tracking: Monitor operational costs.

  • Inventory Control: Optimize stock levels.

  • Compliance Auditing: Meet regulatory requirements.

Best business partner in korea

Integrity is a core value of our culture

We believe integrity is the key to a successful business partnership with our clients

About US



We can help your local operation integrate globally.

Ministry of employment and labor of korea
Social Incurance information system of korea
National Tax Services of Korea
Korea Immigration Services
SMB Korea
Ministry of Strategy and finance of korea
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