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Bluestones BPO is one of the leading local providers of financial and tax solutions in Korea.

Bluestones BPO is constantly refining and expanding its financial, accounting and tax services in order to better assist foreign investment enterprises to succeed in their Korea business ventures.

사무용 책상

Bookkeeping and Management Reporting

As no two companies alike, tailor made solutions

Accounting and bookkeeping solutions

Reporting of financial performance to Head Office and other jurisdictions

재무 분석가

Cash, Fund and Payment Administration

Providing bank signatories as an internal control over your organization’s payment process

Administration of cash funds deposited with us or in client’s own bank accounts

Bank account reconciliation and administration

사무 공간

Human Resources and Payroll Management Services

Monthly payroll calculation, Payment and Reporting

Employer’s Tax Return Compliance

계산기를 가진 남자

VAT Compliance Services


GST bookkeeping preparation, submission and compliance

Our  Professionals

Magritte Kim
International & Korea Tax Specialist
Brian H. Morikuni
General Manager

Korea Certified Public Accountant

WITH Accounting Firm-Partner

Deloitte Anjin Accounting Firm


Former Managing Director of entities located in U.K., Ireland, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, HK and South Korea

University of Hawaii-Manoa

Jaeeun Kim
Korea Business Setup Specialist

VP of Soma Development Co.

Google-Senior Consultant

Amazon-B2B Commerce manager

WeWork-Regional Sales Director

Steve S. Shin
Business Modeling Specialist

McKinsey&Company-Business Analyst

Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

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