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Company formation

Businesses of all sizes are faced with increasing challenges in the administration of legal entities.

Whether your business is Korea focused or operating across multi-jurisdictions, you will need to ensure that you are compliant with the local requirements  and laws.  As businesses grow, maintaining overview of these activities and managing their risk is challenging.

Corporate Secretarial SVC

Bluestone BPO tailors company secretarial services to meet your needs, providing services to ensure you comply with all local regulations and those that are vital to running your business.

Our business set up solution begins with full understanding of your business needs.

We pay close attention to various aspects of business such as tax efficiency, corporate governance, compliance, foreign currency transaction regulation, repatriation, dissolution and even immigration needs for your future assignees.

Tax Risk and Strategy

Tax is a strategic issue for every business. We are being asked by our clients ‘what good looks like?”, how their tax operations benchmark against their peers and how they can demonstrate to all stakeholders that their tax affairs are adequately managed.

Tax is usually a key issue on the board’s agenda and a central factor in business decisions. Boards are asking for practical ways to gain control and assurance over managing their tax risk, tax reputation and their tax operations, while at the same time seeking value for money. 

NTS is also changing its approach and expectations. Companies are being asked to demonstrate a proactive approach to tax compliance and risk.

Tax compliance and Reporting

Bluestone’s Tax team provides clients with the full range of tax compliance and reporting services. We support clients throughout the annual accounting processes using provisional calculations to plan for liabilities. We also help plan compliance cycles and supply you with tax packs so that data collection processes run smoothly and you avoid delays and errors caused by time pressure. 

Whatever your systems, we will work with you  to ensure that processes are as integrated and efficient as possible so that you meet all relevant filing deadlines.Our tax advisory service is there to deal with ad hoc challenges. 

We look forward to discussing how we can help your company with its tax compliance and reporting needs.

Business advisory

Our Business Advisory Team are able to assist with the full spectrum of business planning assignments and many of the processes that need to be taken into account in any strategic planning.

Bluestones BPO is one of the leading local provider of financial and tax solutions in Korea. Blustones BPO is constantly improving and adding to its financial, accounting and tax services in order to better assist foreign investment enterprises to succeed in their Korea business ventures.​

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