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Hanwha Aerospace Initiates Localization of Materials for Fighter Engines

Hanwha Aerospace, a leading aerospace company, has taken a significant step towards the localization of fighter engine materials. In a recent agreement-signing ceremony held in Seoul, the company joined forces with the Korea Aerospace Technology Research Association, the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, and Seoul National University to develop castings for ultra-high temperature Inconel alloy 718, which is primarily used in turbofan aircraft engines. The goal is to establish a database and manufacture this specialty alloy locally by 2026.

Inconel alloy 718 is renowned for its exceptional heat resistance and ability to withstand temperatures exceeding 1,500 degrees Celsius. Due to these properties, it is widely favored in aviation engines. Hanwha Aerospace has been actively involved in the development of engine materials for unmanned aerial vehicles since January. However, this recent collaboration signifies a shift towards materials for manned fighter jets, which require even greater resistance to extreme temperatures.

By localizing the manufacturing technology for Inconel alloy 718, Hanwha Aerospace aims to reduce dependency on imported materials and enhance the domestic production capabilities of fighter engine materials. This step not only contributes to the growth of the company but also strengthens the overall aerospace industry in Korea. With the commitment of multiple organizations and the expertise of Seoul National University, the project is poised to make significant advancements in the field of engine materials technology.



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