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Korea’s Zigbang forays into global virtual office market with Soma

[Source: Zigbang]

South Korea’s No.1 real estate application operator Zigbang advances into the global virtual office market with Soma Development in the United States. Its new U.S. operation will release global virtual office platform “Soma,” upgraded from Zigbang’s Metapolis, already occupied by 20 firms including Zigbang and Ourhome. Metapolis will be closed after its tenants move to Soma, which is composed of a 30-story office building, a convention center, and a public lounge. Only registered company workers are allowed to be in the office at Soma where the participants can converse and interact in face-to-face through their avatars like in the real world. Soma’s iOS and PC versions will be released in phases in 12 languages including Korea, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Indonesian starting on May 20.

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