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"On Track: LG Display's Investment in 6th-gen OLED Displays Confirmed"

LG Display has announced that it will hold a conference call on July 26 to reveal its earnings for the second quarter of this year. The company confirmed that it is moving forward with its investment in 6th-generation IT organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays as planned. An LG Display official stated, "We will continue to invest in 6th-generation OLED displays by the first half of next year. However, nothing has been finalized yet regarding a possible investment in 8th-generation OLED displays." The company emphasized that investment decisions will be based on factors such as technological advancement and potential profitability.

LG Display expects a decline in investment for 2024 compared to this year. The official explained that the nature of the display industry requires advance supply orders and long-term investments, making it challenging to adjust investment amounts based on the company's situation. This year, LG Display is making investments in the mid-to-high range of the existing guidance of 3 trillion won while also focusing on cost efficiency efforts. While the investment amount and business plan for 2024 have not been finalized, the company anticipates a reduction in investment next year.

LG Display is a leading player in the display industry and has been actively investing in OLED technology. OLED displays offer advantages such as better picture quality, thinner form factors, and energy efficiency. By continuing its investment in 6th-generation OLED displays, LG Display aims to stay at the forefront of display technology and maintain its competitive edge in the market. The company's strategic approach to investment decisions reflects its commitment to leveraging technological progress and maximizing profitability.



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