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Rising concerns regarding the competitive edge of Korean electronic products.

The Korean electronics industry is facing concerns about its market competitiveness, particularly in the smartphone, vacuum cleaner, and drone markets. Korean smartphones, although still holding a significant market share, are losing ground to Apple's iPhone and budget smartphone models from China. Samsung's Galaxy series, once considered a premium smartphone brand, is now being pushed into the low-priced smartphone market. Chinese smartphone maker Honor has also gained traction in China, surpassing Xiaomi and Huawei in market share. In the vacuum cleaner market, Chinese companies like Roborock and Ecovacs are dominating both the Korean and global markets. Similarly, Chinese products, particularly DJI drones, have a significant share in the global drone market, leaving Korean drone companies struggling to compete.

The decline in market competitiveness for Korean electronics products can be attributed to factors such as superior technology and competitive pricing offered by Chinese companies. Apple's iPhone sales outperformed Samsung's smartphone sales, indicating a preference for the iPhone's single model over Samsung's Galaxy series. In the vacuum cleaner market, Chinese companies like Roborock and Ecovacs offer more popular and affordable options, while in the drone market, DJI dominates with its advanced technology and market share. Korean companies in these industries are facing an uphill battle to regain their market position.

It is crucial for the Korean electronics industry to address these challenges and find ways to regain its market competitiveness. This may involve investing in research and development to enhance product technology and innovation, as well as reevaluating pricing strategies. Additionally, fostering partnerships and collaborations with global industry leaders can help Korean companies gain access to advanced technologies and expand their market reach. By adapting to changing market dynamics and improving their products' value proposition, Korean electronics companies can regain their competitive edge in the global market.


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