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SK telecom Launches 'Global AI Alliance for Telecommunications' Linking Asia, Europe, and the Middle

On July 27, SK telecom hosted the "Global Telco AI Alliance CEO Summit" in Seoul, bringing together key executives from leading global telecommunications companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The summit marked the official launch of the Global Telco AI Alliance, led by SK telecom, Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel. The four companies signed a business agreement for cooperation in the AI business and agreed to jointly develop a Telco AI Platform based on core AI capabilities. This platform will play a crucial role in planning new AI services and developing AI agents for each telecommunications company in the future.

The summit was attended both online and offline by industry leaders, including Chey Tae-won, chairman of SK Group, Yoo Young-sang, president of SK telecom, and executives from Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel. The participants discussed strengthening business cooperation to lead the global AI ecosystem. Chairman Chey emphasized the need for telecommunications companies to transform into AI companies that provide new and innovative communication experiences. President Yoo urged everyone to join forces in creating new value by sharing and cooperating on AI technologies and expertise.

Claudia Nemat, deputy CEO of Deutsche Telekom, expressed her expectations for the Telco AI Alliance to develop applications that maximize the potential of generative AI for customers and industries. She also highlighted the launch of the alliance as an important milestone for the industry. The Global Telco AI Alliance aims to lead the changes in the landscape of the AI industry, bringing together global telecommunications companies to drive innovation and develop new AI services.



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