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The Unprecedented Impact of K-pop Girl Groups on the Food & Beverage Industry

K-pop girl group NewJeans has been appointed as the global ambassadors for Coca-Cola, showcasing the tremendous influence of K-pop girl groups in the food and beverage industry in South Korea. NewJeans has gained immense popularity globally and holds a truly exceptional impact among various distinguished girl groups in the country. Their impact has caught the attention of global brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, leading to significant involvement from their Korean subsidiaries in global marketing efforts.

NewJeans' popularity has allowed McDonald's Korea to lead a global marketing campaign called the "NewJeans Chicken Dance" across 10 Asian countries. This ongoing campaign features NewJeans' advertisements and specially packaged chicken menu items for sale. Starbucks Korea, which rarely collaborates with celebrity models, partnered with Blackpink to unveil a collaborative merchandise line. Starbucks corporate entities in 9 countries across the Asia-Pacific region joined forces in this collaboration, with Starbucks Korea taking the lead and offering unique food items alongside merchandise.

Other food and beverage companies in South Korea are also targeting the MZ generation by prominently featuring K-pop girl groups. Goobne chose Le Sserafim as its brand ambassador and achieved 70 million views on YouTube for its Black Truffle Steak Chicago Pizza advertisement. Papa John's Korea partnered with girl group Ive to mark its 20th anniversary in the country and target the MZ generation. These collaborations highlight the growing trend of leveraging K-pop girl groups to attract customers and expand market reach in the domestic market.

Overall, the influence of K-pop girl groups in the food and beverage industry in South Korea is evident through their brand ambassadorship roles, global marketing campaigns, and collaborations with major companies. These partnerships not only showcase the popularity of K-pop girl groups but also provide a platform for brands to connect with the MZ generation and expand their customer base.



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